Yes, there were other cameras before and after I had my Nikon SLRs (and some of them were even other Nikons). Like this, this, this, this or this one. The S9100 is the only one of them I still own, it comes nice and handy if you want to travel light without missing too many great shots.

  • Nikon F-601 (1993)

My very first Nikon SLR. Still film and despite all those years, still working as it should be. Yes, today it’s draining battery even when switched off, but still delivers as it’s supposed to. My entry model to the world of Nikon. Update: the film compartment does not close anymore, seems as if something broke. Anyone has an F5 on sale? (for an update, see below)

  • Nikon D100 (2005)

First digital SLR, kind of resembling an outdated era at that time. Small display (an FX sensor is bigger), slow and not really easy to use. Soon was my backup for the D200, but I got rid of it quickly once I learned that I never needed a backup. Slow, did I mention that already? Boy…

  • Nikon D200 (2006)

In 2006, this was the top-of-the-notch for amateurs. With a 10MP sensor, complete new technology for exposure metering and amazing 5 frames per second. I loved it a lot and never cared about this 1.5 crop factor. Hell, DX lenses were cheap and great, what more could I wish for? Now it’s my backup for the D800. And guess what…

  • Nikon D800 (2013)

FX. Finally. With full-frame coming available since the D700 showed up and people being so enthusiastic about it (and a D3 or D4 way out of reach), I decided to get this one here. I don’t regret it. 36MP at FX is amazing, although depth-of-field is now something really hard to measure, it got so small… And, talking about the 36MP, of course it’s great to have a resolution like this, being able to cut things you don’t want on your pictures and still have a file you can easily print on A3.

  • Nikon F5 (2014)

Yay, someone really had an F5 on sale. And it looks like it was a bargain. I will report back as soon as I have it here with me and tested, as I just ordered it today. So, please be as patient as I am and allow a couple of days for some first results. In the meantime, I’ll make up my mind on which film I should choose. Is Velvia still sold? Or Ilford? Sigh, it’s been ages since I last shot film… Oh, and by the way: the F5 will add another 200g of weight compared to the D800. As if I wasn’t carrying enough already 😉

Update 1: The camera just arrived, looks and feels great. Of course I forgot to bring a lens, so that’s my to do tonight.

Update 2: Heaven. It’s like using a real tool versus a toy. The camera is fast, easy to handle, reliable and extremely fun to use. Should I go back to film? Sometimes, I’m kinda torn.


  • Nikon vs. Canon

Hm, is there really anything I could say to this? Nikon users would never shoot Canon and vice versa? I own a BMW, would never drive a Mercedes? Well, for me it’s true, as far as I can say. I grew comfortable with Nikons and BMWs, so why change? And whenever someone shows a Canon around, I’m the one saying: “Oh, one of those plastic cameras!”. With a smile.

Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong. Whatever you like is right for you. Period. This of course also applies to those who like their Sony, Sigma, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, Leica or whatever camera is in your bag.

Take pictures and do not worry about the camera you chose for this. The people who believe to be able to tell the difference in the brand by just looking at your work usually take crappy pictures themselves.