Just me

The PhotographerThis is me, just in case you needed to know. Into photography for the better of my years, I never tried making a real job out of it, which sometimes I regret. Although, with taking pictures as it is, I can do it for the fun of it, who knows if I had ended up in some small store, just taking the pictures for your new passport and selling the prints to you.

There’s people who think I can take decent pictures, but I guess it’s up to you to have your own opinion. I case you would like me to take pictures for you (or even if you would just like to say Hi!), just shoot me a mail. For this, use anything you want in front of “@fyxe.de” – it’ll work.


Photographers who influenced or impress me:

  • James Nachtwey external_link_icon_image

Most of his pictures show tragedy, sorrow and death. As a war photographer, he has seen (and documented) things, you’re happy to not live through. As far as I can say, I respect his work, as it shows the people what people can do. Unfortunately, with no effect. For those, who want to see how he’s working, I recommend watching the movie “War Photographer”. Intense, but great.

  • Ansel Adams

To be able to shoot landscape the way he did is a gift, few have (I don’t).

  • Bryan Adams external_link_icon_image

Known more for his music (if you grew up in the 80s/90s), he also uses his celebrity status to open doors that would’ve been closed for others. I love his style, mostly a bit grainy photos that seem to be snapshots of the limelight society.

  • Helmut Newton

I guess you don’t have to say a lot about this guy. Hated by feminists, I’d say he still is the greatest fashion and portrait photographer of them all. You can spend hours looking at his portrait series wondering what those people might have thought at that very moment. Lost in pictures, that’s what I am when looking at his work.

  • Petter Hegre

If asked who takes the best and most impressive fine art nudes, I’d say it’s him. Pictures that look like the real life, showing beauty as it is supposed to be.


And then, there’s of course others, like Richard Avedon, Jim Rakete, Herb Ritts, Anton Corbijn, Rankin, Bert Stern, Annie Leibovitz and even more who of course also influenced me and made me understand how you can shape how the world is perceived.